Play Fun Pet Care Little Kitten My Favorite Cat - Cute and Fun Game for Kids and Children

Little Kitten is every child’s dream – a cheeky, funny and adorable little pet. Take care of cute kitten, play fun pet care game for kids and toddlers – Little Kitten My Favorite Cat

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Pet Rat Care

Learn the basic care tips for your new pet rats.

Learn how to feed your rat by never buying packaged rat food.
Pet Rat Diet video

Learn how to make home made toys for your rats!

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  1. I think they're so adorable. People have been taught that they're disgusting :/ which really influences people to dislike them

  2. Im planning to get a rat. My dad is trying to catch a rat for me and let me keep it as a pet. Its better than going to pet stores and buying them for Expensive prices. I CANT WAIT

  3. I know anything can bite but that is always the one thing that makes me not wanna want one but they are so cute OMG HELP!

  4. Okay, story time!
    Last year I put my finger by the lid of the Rats cage, not expecting it to bite me (Idk) and it did (surprise surprise) yes it hurt… But now just a few months ago, I picked up a baby rattie and I fell in love… I kept him, and I loved him… He died last week due to a sickness he had(not sure what) but you could see he had breathing problems now that I look back… But I'm getting two Rats today.. I'm very excited… They're names are Lilo and Stitch and just me coming over my fear of Rats, just boggles me because I'm in love with these little creatures… RATS ARE THE BEST WOOHOO!!!!


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